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Malo o njima:

Highland is a German dance/hip hop group. Their music is recognizable for using Italian and sometimes Latin singing together with hip hop beats and rapping in English. Band members are the singer Nicole Heiland and the rappers Dean Burke and Patrice "Lady Scar" Gansau. Their music is written and produced by Mike Michaels, Mark "MM" Dollar and Mark Tabak, who are also behind the artists and bands such as Music Instructor, The Boyz and Ayman. Dean Burke has also worked with Music Instructor and Lunatics. Highland as a group however existed only for a few years.

Their first single, Bella Stella, was released in 1999 and became a hit. In 2000, they released the album of the same title and with three more singles, Se Tu Vuoi, Solo Tu and Veni Vidi Vici. All of these used the same formula, Italian singing mixed with hip hop and electronic music.

In 2001, Highland also released the single Magic Fortuna, which was based on "O Fortuna", a movement from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. The main difference between this song and the Bella Stella album was that it didn't feature Dean and Lady Scar, only Nicole, and the whole song was in Latin.

The band released their second album, Dimmi Perché, in 2008. It featured remastered versions of some of their previous hits, this time without the rap performances, and eight new songs. Dean Burke contributed to new material, but Patrice Gansau was not featured on the album. While somewhat formulaic (Occhi Blue very closely resembles Se Tu Vuoi, as one example), the original songs had plenty of fresh ideas, some of them similar to the works of Highland's fellow German group, Lesiëm.

Highland CDs are now hard to find but can be found online and in some parts of Europe. Their latest album, Dimmi Perché, is available in download format on Amazon.com and on iTunes.

Moje iskreno misljenje je da im reperi ili rep deo kvari pesmu, ali to je njihov izbor :)
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